Meet Gustavo

As a kid I grew up playing all kinds of sports. Exceeding in basketball, afforded me the opportunity to obtain a scholarship play at the intercollegiate level. After joining the military an injury from all my years of competitives sports kept me from competing at the level I was use to. I needed and wanted to excel at something new and that’s when I started training people in boxing, and martial arts.

Almost ten years later I find myself doing what brings me the most passion and peace in life which is training. I am now ready to take what I have learned and experienced over the past decade to help others reach their goals and attain an inner peace and self confidence which I believe can be achieved through my training expertise.

My background consists of this distinctive mix of martial art disciplines. Muay Thai, Boxing; Kick boxing, Jeet Kun Do, and Personal Fitness including weight lifting, core and cardiovascular workouts. I hold gloves with the California Savate Association, a French Martial Art, and certified in Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing, and Muay Thai at the Orange County Kickboxing and Martial Arts Academy.

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